Discover multiple ways to warmly welcome your guests. Choose from a range of designs that express your personality as well as you do.

Gateway Pro

Nothing says elegance like the intricate wrought iron patterns on these mats. Choose from over 100 designs that speak the language of your style.

DustLock Pro

The high friction coefficient of this rubber scraper mat is just what you need for a secure entrance to your home/office. Its lightweight and weather-resistant properties make it ideal for an outdoor setting.

Clean Pro

Keep your doorstep clean and your house cleaner with a mat that removes every last bit of dirt from your shoes. Its durable rubber is built to survive for years to come.

Entrance Champ

Whether it's at home or at the office, this mat is ideal for busy entrances. Engineered to withstand heavy footfall, its grooves trap dust, preventing dirt from entering your room.

Play Easy

Now kids can enjoy carefree playtime on these soft rubber mats that keep them safe from sudden falls. Their easy-to-clean surface also make them the ideal choices for a hygienic play area.

Secure Lock

Whether indoors or outdoors, secure your floors with the anti-slip surfaces of these interlocking tiles. With their easy-to-install design, you can instantly protect your floors from breaking under the pressure of machinery.


Place these stepping tiles along any path for a unique garden walk. Made of both natural and synthetic rubber, it can withstand extreme weather conditions, all year long.

Solid Safe Lock

Build fall-proof workout spaces with the anti-slip surface and cushioning effect of this mat. Its inbuilt interlocking system will help you create a wall-to-wall fitness zone that is safe for all.

Shield Lock

These easy-to-install gym tiles have an excellent grip and are easy on the joints and ligaments. Moreover, their almost seamless structure and tensile strength safeguard your gym floor from the wear and tear of heavy weights and machinery.

DirtLock Pro

Every house needs this fingertip mat that can trap dirt and mud from footwear before a person enters the room. Its UV-resistant fiber also ensures a longer lifespan than most other mats.

Ring Max

This anti-slip rubber ring mat is a must-have for safe poolsides. It keeps your surface areas free from water accumulation.


The strong slip resistance and thick rubber mass of this mat is suitable for high footfall commercial entrace applications. And its octagonal design allows for easy draining of liquid, making it ideal for restaurants and production facilities.

Wavo Plus

The wavo mat’s symmetrical pattern help drain water easily so that you don’t lose your grip on wet floors. This intuitive design will keep your workspace clean and dry, all day long.

Safe Step

Don’t wait for any professional to help you secure the steps in your home. These stair mats can be easily installed, ensuring a confident grip on all types of floor structures — both indoor and outdoor.

Dusto Max

Nothing feels as dry and secure as these rubber-backed polypropylene mats. They keep you safe by soaking up excess liquid from the surface and come in a multitude of looks and colors.

Car Mate

These mats are designed to fit any car floor like a charm. And even better, they are made to last a lifetime. Put them in your car and forget about changing them!

Truck Mate

Stay safe on the highway with these rubber flaps that protect your truck’s engine and tires from mud and water. Made from durable rubber, these flaps are both long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Road Mate

These truck and car trunk mats offer the dual benefit of reducing your cleaning time and helping you keep your vehicle’s boot in mint condition. They come in a universal size and last for years — with next-to-zero maintenance.

Boot Max

After a long day outdoors, your shoes can be placed on this well-designed tray. It can hold three pairs of shoes and catch the dust, mud, and water that falls off them.


This one-dip cleaning machine can hold a few litres of liquid detergent to soak your shoes in. Get a spotless look by scrubbing your dirty boots on its disinfectant bristles!

Equine Lock

Whether you own agile racehorses or hard-working farm horses, these durable mats are suited to all kinds of heavy activity. Their easy-to-install interlocking mats are soft and long-lasting — keeping your horses safe, always.

Equine Plus

Lay down these slip-resistant mats in your stable’s loose box and lying area to create a perfectly safe resting space for your livestock. There’s no need to worry about expansion or wear and tear — rest assured this is an investment for a lifetime.

Equine Guard

Equine experts can depend on the high quality of these stable panels to protect both horses and their riders from injury. Additionally, these lightweight mats can easily be fixed on existing wooden panels.

Shelter Mate

Made from high-quality natural rubber, these cubicle mats are highly tensile and provide considerable comfort to cows. Their hammer-top surfaces are easy to clean and are the preferred choice for neat and hygienic barns.

Shelter Lock

These durable mats have a slope-edged rear and provide extra comfort to cows. Additionally, they increase your cattle’s productivity — contributing to an increase in yield!

Shelter Stud

A long-lasting, studded mat such as this can go a long way in providing comfort to your cattle. Its anti-slip, hammer-top surface — made from natural rubber — keeps them safe and out of harm’s way.

Shelter Lock Pro

Apart from its easy-to-install nature and long-lasting built to be build, these mats also have studs at the bottom for additional comfort.

Shelter Soft

We have engineered a latex, foam-filled mattress to provide maximum comfort to your cows. With a slope-edged rear, this mattress mat supports cows in their natural resting position.

Shelter Max

The diamond design, recessed holes, and stainless steel fixings of these holding area mats contribute to their sturdiness and firm grip. This makes them most suitable for hazard-prone locations in your barns.

Shelter Queen

The milking area needs to be both comfortable for your cattle and easy to clean — two essential requirements that are fulfilled by these high-quality mats. You also get the advantage of using both sides that come with a coin pattern.

Shelter Walk

Keep passages safe and comfortable for your cattle with these seamless, high-grip mats. The continuous stretch of high-quality natural rubber promises an accident-free walking area that keeps injuries at bay.

Dairy Max

Our cow mat roll will meet all your cattle care needs — from support to comfort. This continuous roll can be cut to the required length so that it fits the cowpen perfectly.

Work Top Pro

Nothing sticks to this grease-resistant topdeck mat, which has been made lightweight to ease the cleaning process. Further, its anti-fatigue features cushion your workers’ feet, helping them stand for long durations in a day.

Work Link Pro

Create a safe space for both your kitchen staff and their tools with this protective mat that can be installed in minutes. It gives you a safe and dry environment to work comfortably in.

Guard Tech (Oil Resistant)

This specially designed mat resists swelling when exposed to oil or any other fluids, making it ideal for restaurant floors that can’t afford slippage of any kind.

Work Easy

On long days, the bubble top surface of this mat will keep your staff comfortable. This special synthetic blend can be used in all kinds of production facilities.

Work Sure

Each of these mats are specially designed to provide a seamless surface that prevents tripping. Its diamond modular top is engineered to give you an excellent grip as you stand.

Shield Tech (Weld Flex Resistant)

When welding sparks fly, this mat will keep you safe. And its anti-fatigue properties will make long hours much more comfortable for you and your people.

Fire Shield Tech (Fire Retardant)

Keep your space safe with this fire-retardant mat that will also guard you against chlorinated gaseous emmissions. Meant to last a lifetime. Tested at OTI Austria BFL-S1

Electra Tech (ESD Mat)

Fortify your workplace with this resilient mat that will drain excess electrostatic charge to the ground. Its electrical resistivity range of 1*10³*1*10⁶ will keep you safe from sudden dangerous shock.

Work Insular

Cover all bases to prevent fatal incidents with these moisture-absorbing insulation mats. Their high voltage breakdown strength — of up to 20,000 V — is an essential requirement for any hazardous environment.

Work Hawk

If the safety of your people is your primary concern, then these insulating rubber mats are a necessary addition to your workplace. Their anti-slip surfaces secure the workplace and prevent electrical shocks.

Drain Max

Fit for any surface — from industry to farm — this absorbent mat will make your workplace safe and keep your employees secure. This mat is heavy-duty, long-lasting, and has range of applications across different industries.

Dome Max

This durable mat roll is specially designed to provide a cushioning effect and also has anti-fatigue properties. With beveled edges to ease the movement of wheels along its surface, this mat can easily be used anywhere — from shop floors to hospitals.

Work Top Max

Top deck rolls are used mainly in commercial kitchens. The drain holes allow liquid to pass through if any spill occurs.

Dirt Lock Max

Any big entrance or hallway needs fingertip runner that can trap dirt and mud from footwear. These rolls come in width of 90cm and can cut to any length.